Paleonet: Cushman biography web site

Huber, Brian HUBERB at
Mon Nov 19 01:27:45 GMT 2012

A biographical web site about Dr. Joseph A. Cushman, the founding father of American micropaleontology, is now available at . The site includes: (1) a biographical timeline including his early years, education and family, early career, activities and staff at his Sharon, Massachusetts laboratory; (2) his influence on the study of foraminifera and their classification, and the use of foraminifera in the search for economic deposits of oil; (3) select correspondence with a number of his collaborators and the Marland Oil Company; (4) a downloadable spreadsheet summarizing his personal correspondence included as part of the Smithsonian Cushman Collection; (5) photo galleries of family, students, collaborators and the Sharon, MA laboratory , (6) a video from film shot by Joseph Cushman during the late 1930s and early 1940s; and (7) audio files from Cushman’s grandchildren discussing their recollections of the Cushman family and activities at the Sharon Laboratory. A full bibliography of Cushman’s publications and several biographical sketches and memorials are also included.

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