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Many non-academic 'hangers on" are here, listening to whatever we
might hear?

On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 7:04 PM, Paul <inselberg at> wrote:

> Dr. Christian Emig wrote:
> >The tendency to use email addresses with
> >anonymous IP (yahoo, gmail, hotmail , etc.)
> >becomes aa problem to identify the scientist
> >and his true identity. I disagree with,
> >especially as co-editor of a scientific journal
> >because this is a good opportunity for
> >fraudulent relationships. Examples exist -
> >see Carnets de Géologie.
> >...text omitted...
> >nevertheless why she do not use the
> >professional address given by the institute:
> >romeroic at
> The reason that I use my personal address is
> that PaleoNet archives are open to the public
> and web crawlers that collect email addresses.
> I found that posting to such lists increases
> exponentially the amount of junk mail that get
> sent to emails used on these mailing lists. As a
> result, I only use an email address that is solely
> dedicated to posting to such lists so all of the
> junk mail generated by posting to public mailing
> lists with open archives gets dumped in one email
> account and does not overwhelm my work
> address.
> In other cases, given the various rules, regulations,
> limitations, and restrictions about what is official
> use of email, using a person's office / professional
> email address for Paleonet is not always deemed
> appropriate by either a person's boss or employer.
> Thus, some people neither want nor need the
> hassle of justifying why using their official email
> to subscribe to a paleontology list is a part of their
> official duties. it is a lot simpler and far less
> expensive to use a free gmail, yahoo, or hotmail
> account.
> Besides, this morning I received a PDF reprint
> of a peer-reviewed paper from the Journal of
> Island & Coastal Archaeology (Taylor & Francis
> Group, LLC) and the email that is listed for the
> paper's author is a yahoo email address.
> Similarly, the Geological Society of America's
> (GSA) meetings abstracts regularly have yahoo,
> gmail, hotmail, and so forth email addresses
> for authors. For example, in a search of the
> GSA meeting abstract database, I got 3759 hits
> for and 7721 hits for for
> the period 2001 to 2012. Also, a search of
> the GSA database for their peer-reviewed
> published found dozens of citations for peer-
> reviewed papers in which the authors used
> either or email addresses.
> It is obvious that there are prominent scientific
> publishers that disagree with the alleged
> dangers of yahoo, gmail, and hotmail. If such
> accounts are acceptable as email addresses by
> the GSA, Taylor & Francis Group, and other
> publishers for peer-reviewed literature, they
> should be good enough for this list. As far as
> I am concerned the type of email address
> that a person wants to use is his or her
> decision only. It is certainly nothing that this
> list should mandate.
> Just My Thoughts,
> Paul
> Paul V. Heinrich
> 9887 Kinglet Drive
> Baton Rouge, LA 70803
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