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Tue Jun 18 01:02:40 GMT 2013

*You are invited to submit scientific papers to Life: The Excitement of
Biology, a peer-reviewed*, quarterly (approximately 100 printed pages per
issue, in English), interdisciplinary, international, scientific journal.

* *

For more information on the journal, Boards, Guidelines to Authors, etc.
Please, visit* ** *

* *

For examples of recently-published papers, please visit* **  *

* *

The mission of *Life: The Excitement of Biology *is to promote an in-depth
generation of understanding about all forms of life, such as bacteria,
plants, fungi, animals, and others at all levels of the biological
hierarchical organization, from the atomic to the biospheric, including the
arch from the record of life at its origins to its current manifestations
on Earth — or elsewhere.

Feel free to spread the word about this journal with your colleagues and
friends. Thank you.

* *

*Contact: *Jorge A. Santiago-Blay, Ph.D.

Editor-in-Chief, *Life: The Excitement of Biology*

York, Pennsylvania, USA

blaypublishers at

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