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Wed Nov 6 16:53:40 GMT 2013

Dear all,

Slightly odd request, but I'm desperate!

I use 10 micron nylon monofilament sieve mesh for palynological sieving,
and have discovered our stock has been depleted (as no-one let me know
stocks were running low).

I've put an order request through our purchasing department, but being a
geology department such things move at plate tectonic speed, and I
desperately need some to finish off some student samples.

I wondered, therefore, whether anyone in the UK might (a) use this same
mesh, and (b) might be able to lend me say a metre/half-metre of mesh until
my order comes in? (at which point I would send you a direct replacement).

The mesh I use is from Clarcor UK (product number NY/MO/10/3) (,
and I cut this into 12x12cm squares to use with Normesh 'MiniSiv' acrylic

I would be eternally grateful if anyone can help out with a temporary loan!

All the best,




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