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Michael Hesemann michael at
Thu Nov 14 07:50:25 GMT 2013

Atlas of Foraminifera

In the attempt to build a reliable, illustrative atlas on foraminifera
with multi-criteria search capabilities we are looking for relevant
taxonomic works on foraminifera and the copyright to just show the images.

These days we added hundreds of illustrations from a mayor work on
Miocene foraminifera with several lecto- and holotypes:

"The Fossil Foraminifera of the Tertiary Basin of Vienna
Revision of the monograph by Alcide d'Orbigny (1846)
by Adolf Papp and Manfred E. Schmid, 1985"

We thank the Geological Survey of Austria to give permission.

We aligned the classifications with WMFD (World Modern Foraminifera

Any critics, recommendations and contributions are welcome. The atlas
contains 7500+ illustrations.

Michael Hesemann Project
Hamburg, Germany
michael at

The project staret in 2007. It is based on natural
enthusiasm, strictly non-commercial and without public or company
funding, thus independent :)

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