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A new commentary on commercial fossil collecting by Larson and Russell 
has just been released on /Palaeontologia Electronica/:
(note that the .pdf link is broken - should be up soon): 

This is a follow-up to the earlier commentary by Shimada et al.:

To be clear, *I am not going to sponsor a debate here*.  I am giving 
people an opportunity to state their cases in a clear, organized, and 
non-confrontational (as much as possible) manner. My goal as PE 
editorial editor has always been twofold: first, to provide a forum 
where issues relating to the field can be discussed, even if they are 
controversial - what I have called "heated discussions and strong 
That said, I am also trying to move these discussions away from the 
often intemperate tone taken on listserves and similar social media 
sites to something more mature. I am deeply concerned about the future 
of our field, as are we all. I hope that these discussions can lead to 
consensus that will benefit the science.

- Roy

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