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Tue Apr 29 19:56:42 GMT 2014

Rowan Martindale, David Bottjer, and I invite you to contribute to our
session *T205: **Major evolutionary events of the early Mesozoic;
Paleontology and paleoecology from the Middle Triassic to the Late Jurassic* at
the Annual GSA Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, 19 to 22 October 2014.

Following the End-Permian mass extinction and the recovery during the Early
Triassic, the global fauna continued to experience chaotic evolutionary
intervals throughout the Early Mesozoic. In the last decade, major advances
have been made in our understandings of the carbon cycle perturbation
events not only in the aftermath of the End-Permian mass extinction, but
also associated with the end-Triassic mass extinction and throughout the
Early Jurassic (the Toarcian Ocean Anoxic Event or T-OAE). In addition to
the major environmental events, the early Mesozoic is an interval of major
biological innovations. Through the Middle Triassic to Jurassic, pelagic
calcifiers evolved and became abundant, scleractinian corals evolved and
began to build reefs, and ecological interactions among many phyla became
amplified with the origin of the Mesozoic Marine Revolution. With these
sudden ecological transitions, the Triassic and Jurassic periods have
emerged as an extremely exciting and relevant interval of time in the
evolution of modern ecosystems and marine geochemistry. The symposium will
contextualize Early Mesozoic biotic events that significantly influenced
the evolutionary patterns of the Post-Paleozoic (not including the
End-Permian extinction and recovery which will be covered in other
sessions). These include several rapid biotic turnovers and paleoecological
shifts, such as the early development of the Mesozoic Marine Revolution,
the dramatic restructuring of reef ecosystems, vertebrate extinctions (on
land and in the ocean), and major transitions in floral realms.

Our session will feature several invited speakers, including Matthew
Clapham<>(University of California
Santa Cruz) and Jessica
Whiteside <>(University
of Southampton) as well as other noted researchers from a
variety of fields. Our session is sponsored by the Paleontological
Society, GSA Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division, and GSA Sedimentary
Geology Division. Please contact us if you have any questions, *abstract
submission is now open*
the deadline is 11:59 p.m., Pacific Time, 29 July 2014.*

Please pass this along to your students and colleagues who may be
interested in the session!

We look forward to seeing you at GSA!

Lydia, Rowan, and Dave

Lydia Tackett, Ph.D
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Southern California
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