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Dear Colleagues,

We would appreciate your interest in the following session at the EGU 
2015 in Vienna, Austria which takes place from April 12th -- 17th 2015.
The Deadline for Abstracts is January 7th, 2015, 13:00 CET.

SSP4.2.5: Conservation Palaeobiology and Taphonomy

Convener: James Nebelsick, Paolo G. Albano & Martin Zuschin

The fossil record encompasses not only deep time palaeontological 
records, but also the evolution and fate of species still extant today. 
This understanding is of utmost relevance to the ongoing discussion of 
anthropomorphic environmental change and its effects on both ecological 
and species diversity. Palaeobiology has contributed to the 
understanding of current global change by analyzing geological records 
of past environmental change by disseminating both abiotic and biotic 
factors. Conservation Palaeobiology has demonstrated the potential for 
analyzing historical environmental changes by using approaches and 
techniques gleaned from diverse fields of earth sciences. The emerging 
field of Global Change Palaeobiology aims at a more direct application 
of the fossil record for predicting the future. The potential for 
accessing information from the sedimentary record at different scales 
can provide independent means of investigating current environmental 
concerns. A key factor in translating data from the fossil record lies 
in understanding how taphonomic processes and filters affect our 
knowledge of past environmental and diversity change. We welcome 
participation from palaeobiologists, macroecologists, 
sclerochronologists, archaeobiologist and allied areas which utilize 
environmental records available in skeletal and other remains in order 
to gain new insights into global change and its effects on ecosystems.


Best regards,
James Nebelsick, Paolo G. Albano & Martin Zuschin



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