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A turbidity current could leave the assemblage oriented in the same best guess for the fossils is possibly hyoliths, which are cone-shaped animals, Phylum Mollusca.



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I was thinking rootlets because of the black organic film, or perhaps a pseudo fossil similar to cone in cone structure.  Could it be a fossil soil?

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> I don't think these are trace fossils. Many are on this slab, but it seems none cross cut each other. Also, one appears to retain some dark material.
> Cephalopods are possible, but it seems every single one is facing the same way. Is that really true? I'm not sure how that could happen.
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>     The attached is a picture showing some conical things horizontally laying on the bedding plane of sandstones. They look like stromatolite but they are not.  But, are they trace fossils? sedimentary structures? or anything else?  We are wondering if anyone here could help us for identifying them.  Has anyone found similar things before?  Thanks a lot in advance.  The age of the rock is Late Devonian Famennian, and the depositional environments may be swamps near coastal area.  
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