Paleonet: Role of benthic microfossils in shallow-water carbonate sedimentation

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Dear Paleoneters,
the 19th International Sedimentological Congress will be held in Genève 
(Switzerland) from 18 to 22 August 2014.
Ioan I. Bucur and myself will be the chairpersons of the Symposium 26: Role 
of benthic microfossils in shallow-water carbonate
[Foraminifera and "calcareous" algae are common in shallow-water carbonate, 
tropical and non-tropical environments. Both groups, as well as companion 
micro-encrusters and micro-borers, contribute to the growth and/or the 
bioerosion of carbonate sands and gravels (allochems), cobbles and blocks 
(larger lithoclasts), as well as large rocky surface areas including 
hardgrounds and bioconstructions. This session aims to focus on the 
paleoecological and sedimentological role of these microorganisms in 
discrete stratigraphical intervals, as well as their importance in the 
production and stabilization of the carbonate sediments on ramps and open 
or rimmed platforms].
We shall be pleased to meet you there.
[I will have free copies of the brand new DVD of Carnets Geol., spanning 
the years 2002 to date]


Bruno R.C. Granier (Prof.)

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F-29238 Brest Cedex 3 (France)

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Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
The University of Kansas
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