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Hello Paleoneters: I'm Alina and I'm writing my thesis on trace fossils of trilobites of the Puerto Blanco Formation in the state of Sonora, Mexico and I'm looking for these papers: 

Keighley, D. G., & Pickerill, R. K. (1996). Small Cruziana, Rusophycus, and related ichnotaxa from eastern Canada: the nomenclatural debate and systematic ichnology. Ichnos: An International Journal of Plant & Animal, 4(4), 261-285.Pickerill, R. K., & Peel, J. S. (1990). Trace fossils from the Lower Cambrian Bastion Formation of North-East Greenland. Rapport Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse, 147, 5-43.  Bergström, J., and J. S. Peel. "Lower Cambrian trace fossils from northern Greenland." Rap port Gronlands Geologiske Undersrgelse 137 (1988): 43-53.

Nelson, C. A. (1978). Late Precambrian-Early Cambrian stratigraphic and faunal succession of eastern California and the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary. Geological Magazine, 115(2), 121-126.

 Thanks in advance for your help Alina Hernández

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