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C4P Webinar on Specify Software for Collections and Lifemapper
Computational Platform

Advances And Emergent Needs in Paleogeoscience Cyberinfrastructure

Tuesday, May 13, 4-5pm Eastern Time.

The topics for the next C4P Webinar are Specify Software for
Collections(James Beach, University of Kansas)and Lifemapper
Computational Platform (Aimee Stewart, University of Kansas).

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4-5pm ET (the date stated at the link updates weekly)

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Specify Software for Collections (James Beach, University of Kansas)

Specify is a database software application for museum and herbarium
research data. It manages species information for computerizing and
curating collections for: tracking specimen transactions, linking images to
specimen records, and publishing catalog data to the Internet. Specify
supports data from specimens, taxonomic and stratigraphic classifications,
field notebooks, DNA sequence runs, literature references, as well as other
primary sources. It also manages the information associated with repository
agreements, accessions, conservation treatments, collection object
containers, images, and document attachments.

Lifemapper Computational Platform (Aimee Stewart, University of Kansas)

Lifemapper uses all of the online geospatial species occurrence data to
create distribution maps and, notably, goes one step further to predict
where an individual species could exist based on where it is documented to
live. Lifemapper does this by combining species occurrence data with global
climate, terrain and land cover information, to identify environmental
correlates of species ranges. Lifemapper's analysis and modeling tools will
address important environmental issues of our times, in particular the
potential impact of global climate change on the distribution and
sustainability of wild species, and they will inform research priorities
for future systematics, ecology and conservation studies.

The format is 20 minutes per presenter, with two main parts: (a) a
show-and-tell presentation of the science and the resource (b) discussion
of the key informatics needs that the resource is facing. The intended
audience for this webinar is professional paleogeoscientists and
cyber/computer scientists.  All webinars will be recorded and publicly
archived at

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