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Thu Nov 20 12:03:35 GMT 2014

Dear Paleoneters,
the "sexy" title was there to attract your attention on the return of the 
"fabulous" Mostafa Imam, the Egyptian "Viswa Jit Gupta".
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Some time ago (February of this year) and recently again (yesterday) I 
received alarming messages from an Egyptian colleague. He told me that the 
University of Cairo is about to hire Mostafa Imam as full professor. My 
Egyptian colleague is requesting help because he does not want the Egyptian 
paleontologists to become the laughingstock of the entire world, because of 
the bad behaviour of a single individual.

The point is that, after being caught a first time, Mo(u)stafa Mansour Imam 
changed his name to Mansour M. Hamad (that is incredible, isn't it!?...), 
but we are 100% sure it is the same person because, in his vitae, he lists 
his publications using both names (that is stupid, isn't it!?...):
He changed his name but he did not change much his strategy (copying and 
pasting, erroneous identifications, "expertise" in many fields, ...).
If you need evidences, I have assembled a number of files in a folder on 
the server of my university:

I am passing this message to Paleonet because I do not have much contacts 
with Egyptian paleontologists and some Paleoneters will eventually 
circulate the information to the right persons in Egypt.

You possibly remember that some years ago my scientific reputation was 
under attack (including on Paleonet) by people presenting false identities 
... it is easy to imagine who stood behind these attacks.

Bruno Granier
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