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Wed Oct 1 11:15:18 GMT 2014

Dear all,

I am looking for to find the fallowing papers. So, I would like and hope that someone might have a PDF file send to me.

thanks advance,

Best regards.

Mehdi Hadi.

Bromley, R.G. and Asgaard, U. (1975) Sediment structures produced by a spatangoid echinoid: a problem of preservation. Bull. Geol. Soc. Denmark, 24, 261–281.

KANAZAWA, K., 1995, How spatangoids produce their traces: relationship between burrowing mechanism and trace structure: Lethaia, v. 28, p. 211–219.

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TEDESCO, L.P., AND WANLESS, H.R., 1990, Role of burrow excavation and infilling in creating the preserved depositional fabric of the core facies of modern and Paleozoic mud mounds [Abstract]: 13th International Association of Sedimentologists Annual Meeting, Nottingham, England, Abstracts, Posters, p. 214 .

TEDESCO, L.P., AND WANLESS, H.R., 1991, Generation of sedimentary fabrics and facies by repetitive excavation and storm infilling of burrow networks, Holocene of South Florida and Caicos Platform, B.W.I.: Palaios, v. 6, p. 326–343.

TEDESCO, L.P., AND WANLESS, H.R., 1995, Growth and burrow-transformation of carbonate banks: comparison of modern skeletal banks of south Florida and
Pennsylvanian phylloid banks of south-eastern Kansas, USA: International Association of Sedimentologists, Special Publication 23, p. 495–521.

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