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Not sure if he has what you're looking for, but David Kidder at UOhio-Athens has compiled a lot of information on the Phanerozoic silica cycle and related phenomena (including rhyolitic volcanism). He might be the person to contact.

Representative paper:
Kidder, D. L., & Erwin, D. H. (2001). Secular Distribution of Biogenic Silica through the Phanerozoic: Comparison of Silica‐Replaced Fossils and Bedded Cherts at the Series Level. The Journal of Geology, 109(4), 509-522.


On 9/13/2014 4:34 PM, William Gearty wrote:
Hi everyone,
I understand that this type of request/question may not be common on this mailing list.
However, I was wondering if anyone knew of any databases of paleozoic volcanism?
I am trying to find out when the largest rhyolitic eruptions occurred over the course of the paleozoic.
With my limited experience, I haven't been able to find much of anything in terms of a database, and I would rather not have to read through hundreds, if not thousands, of papers to create my own database (although I understand this is how databases come to be in the first place).
Any info or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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