Paleonet: Submissions invited to GSA session T157. "Eat, Prey, Love, and Burrow: Tracing Animal Behavior through Time"

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As the GSA abstracts deadline approaches (August 11), we remind you of and encourage your submission to our topical session at GSA Baltimore:

T157. "Eat, Prey, Love, and Burrow: Tracing Animal Behavior through Time"

Various approaches are available to interpret animal behaviors. On occasion, animals are preserved "caught in the act" of predation, mating, fighting, brooding eggs, competing for space, etc. More often behaviors are inferred from taphonomy, functional morphology, trace fossils, sedimentological approaches, and neontological experiments. Geochemistry has provided evidence for migration and feeding.  This session presents research on any type of behavior (e.g., feeding, mating, locomotion, symbiosis), using any of the many approaches to inferring behavior.  Although abstracts focused on a single time interval and/or locality are more than welcome, we particularly encourage contributions tracing animal behavior through evolutionary time and its implications.

Questions? Please contact any of the session organizers:

Adiël Klompmaker adielklompmaker at<mailto:adielklompmaker at>

Devapriya Chattopadhyay devapriya at<mailto:devapriya at>

Patricia H. Kelley kelleyp at<mailto:kelleyp at>

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