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Just a reminder that there¹s still time to submit abstracts and register
to attend the 4th International Symposium of Biological Shape Analysis
(ISBSA), which is being held from 19-22 June at the University of
California, Los Angeles (see attached announcement). There are a large
number of morphometricians in the palaeo. community and an even larger
number of palaeontologists interested in this topic. Pete Lestrel and his
colleagues have, over the years, organized what may well be the largest
continuing symposium series devoted to this topic that currently exists.
While these meetings are primarily devoted to biological topics, there¹s
much good information passed around about new morphometric methods and
lots of interesting applications always on show. If you¹re interested at
all in where morphometrics is now, and where it¹s going, this meeting will
be a good place to find out.

Kind regards.

Norm MacLeod

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