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Sat Nov 7 17:33:54 GMT 2015

To all list members.

A book and private library collection of 275 works on paleontology, geology, and mineralogy is available for sale as a whole or individually for those interested in acquiring books for their personal library or institution. Included are works on invertebrate and vertebrate paleontology as well as several U.S. Exploring Expedition books; some with important contributions to early American vertebrate paleontology.

A few items of interest include Edward Hitchcock’s major New England geological and paleontological works- Geology of Massachusetts, … of New Hampshire, and … of Vermont from the mid-19th Century; William Ludlow’s Reconnaissance of the Black Hills of South Dakota documenting vertebrate fossils in what would become Yellowstone National Park; Minerals and Their Localities by Barnard Hyršl (probably the most comprehensive minerals books ever published); and Elements of Geology by Charles Lyell, close friend of Charles Darwin.

Please send all inquiries to me off-list at unionid at for a complete listing of all items.

Thanks in advance.

Jay Cordeiro
Northeast Natural History
unionid at

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