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Of course I have screenshots, as well as many messages from WoRMS editors
about changes introduce without the agreement of the editors.
How can you suggest that to introduce an error was not intentional - at
this time I was the only editor of the Brachiopod database. By the way all
the data online have been compile by me over 40 years.
There is a huge exchange of message asking that only editors = authors
should be able to accept any changes on a species sheet in WoRMS. This was
never accepted against the EU  law of intellectual property.
Who is not very fair? In an other way I never signed a contract with WoRMS
originally belonging to MarBEF but today Worms consider the data on its web
site as its own data.

Le 12 nov. 2015 à 14:05, Robert Huber a écrit :

> Dear Christian et al.,
> this is a very serious accusation against the WORMS team and  in my
opinion not very fair. The article does provide any prove (e.g.
screenshots) that someone from the technical staff has made such
unauthorized changes nor a statement of the WORMS on this case. The WORMS
page lists 3 edits the oldest from 2005, can you really exclude that the
error was not unintentionally introduced by one of the editors?
> best regards,
> Robert

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