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Dear John,
Check the e-mail address. Yesterday I've received a proper confirmation of a GSA abstract as a co-author and it was sent from meetings at

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Gil and Jane,

This is a paper on which I was senior author and was submitted to a conference in Newcastle (NSW) in 2014. If it isn't bogus, then one of my co-authors must have submitted this without informing me or any other co-author. That's a bit rude.


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I think these are sent to all those listed as author on a presentation, whether or not they are present or actually make the presentation or staff a poster.
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Hi John,  odd that you got this.  I know that GSA is sending  out notifications now to those who did submit abstracts.  Best,  Jane Davidson

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Dear Paleonetters,

I just received an e-mail congratulating me for having my abstract accepted for an oral presentation at a Geol Soc America meeting in Baltimore later this year. The fact that the title is the same as a previous abstract submitted to another conference, and that I have not submitted an abstract to any conference in the US clearly indicates that this e-mail is bogus. So, if you get one of these, delete it immediately.



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