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Dear Paleonet members,

Please forward the following to anyone in search of new teaching opportunities in the mid-Atlantic. The course is half geological and evolutionary concepts and half a survey of the fossil record and past events.

The Department of Earth & Environmental Science at the University of Pennsylvania is seeking a leave-replacement lecturer for GEOL125: Earth & Life Through Time. The course will be taught in the Spring 2017 semester. Enrollment in the course has been around 100-200 students, and is populated largely by non-science majors, with a small number of majors and potential majors in Earth Science. The course fulfills general education requirements. The course is structured as a large lecture section complimented by weekly, small group recitation sections. The course is supported by graduate teaching assistants to deliver the recitation and for grading. A complete syllabus and past course materials are available.
If interested, please contact Dr. Alain Plante (Undergraduate Chair, aplante at <mailto:aplante at>).

*Note that this course is held every year and in high demand, and none of our current lecturers or faculty can cover it.*


Lauren Sallan
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Earth and Environmental Science
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University of Pennsylvania
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