Paleonet: Session T140. Evolution, Development, and Paleogenomics

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Mon Jun 20 09:14:57 GMT 2016

Dear all,

   My co-convener David Bottjer and myself are writing to invite you to
submit an abstract to the session *T.140 Evolution, Development, and
Paleogenomics *to be held during the Annual Meeting of the Geological
Society of America from 25-28 of September in Denver, Colorado. With recent
advances in genomics and molecular biology, the scientific landscape is
ripe for combining palaeontological approaches with these fields in
interdisciplinary studies. Our session is aimed at those who use a variety
of approaches, palaeontological or otherwise, to study evolution and
development in the fossil record. The deadline for submission is not far
off, on *July 12 at 11:59 PM PDT*, so if you are interested, please
considering submitting an abstract to our session, which we think will be
very exciting. A detailed description of the session is below.

Thanks for your time, and all the best,

    Jeff Thompson

Session Description:

Interdisciplinary studies are providing excellent new opportunities to
understand the pattern and process of evolution. New data from molecular
biology, developmental biology and paleontology are being integrated in a
“molecular paleobiological” framework, to produce a more holistic view of
evolutionary biology. Recent advances in the understanding of Gene
Regulatory Networks (GRNs) have provided new windows into the understanding
of the mechanistic underpinning of evolution, which results in changes of
organismal morphology, as observed in the fossil record. These changes, and
resulting changes in development provide evidence that can be observed
directly through the lens of the fossil record. Evolution of developmental
process, and the generation of new morphological innovations in the fossil
record, allow paleontologists to understand the evolution of the genomic
underpinning of development, known as paleogenomics. The goal of the
proposed session is to provide a venue for presentations focused on the use
of multiple types of data, developmental, genomic, and paleontological to
understand evolution, and development in the fossil record. This session
will include, though is not limited to presentations addressing new
approaches to interpreting the fossil record, through integration of fossil
data with developmental biology, molecular biology, and genomics.
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