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there are numerous numerical approaches to this problem; most are not 
that simple. Depends on the data. Here are some references:
Paleobiology 16(1):1-10.
Marshall, C. R. 1994. Confidence-Intervals On Stratigraphic Ranges - 
Partial Relaxation of the Assumption of Randomly Distributed Fossil 
Horizons. Paleobiology 20(4):459-469.
Marshall, C. R. 1997. Confidence intervals on stratigraphic ranges with 
nonrandom distributions of fossil horizons. Paleobiology 23(2):165-173.
Sadler, P. M. 2004. Quantitative biostratigraphy - achieving finer 
resolution in global correlation. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary 
Sciences 32:187-213.
Strauss, D., and P. M. Sadler. 1989. Classical Confidence-Intervals and 
Bayesian Probability Estimates For Ends of Local Taxon Ranges. 
Mathematical Geology 21(4):411-421.

Hope this helps - Roy

On 3/7/2016 1:17 AM, Pierre & Peta Kruse wrote:
> Dear colleagues
> I've been hunting for papers that provide a reasonably simple formula 
> for calculating true stratigraphic ranges based on observed 
> occurrences. Can anyone recommend a paper or provide a pdf?
> Thanks
> Pierre
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