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Brachiopodes Actuels: This book is a contribution to the Centenary (2020) of the death of the paleontologist Daniel Œhlert (1849-1920), curator of the Museums of Laval.
	Softcover, 21 x 29,7 cm
	386 pages, 30 colour figures, 89 colour plates, 2 tables.
	Language: English, French
	Authors : Fernando ÁLVAREZ (palaeontologist, Honorary Professor, University of Oviedo, Spain), Christian C. EMIG (biologist oceanographer, Honorary Research Director of the CNRS) and Jérôme TREGUIER (Director and Curator of the “Musée des Sciences de Laval”).

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Abstract: The “Musée des Sciences de Laval” houses an interesting collection of Recent brachiopods mostly sampled during the first Monegasque and French oceanographic cruises in the second half of the 19th century. These were studied by D.-P. Œhlert (1849-1920), a specialist in fossil and extant brachiopods, who also obtained more brachiopods by exchange, from different parts of the world not sampled by the cruises, that also form part of the collections. Besides of this material, Recent brachiopods from the Monterosato and Cailliaud collections are also part of the Museum collections.

The first part of this book presents Œhlert’s remarkable collection dedicating special attention to the dredging localities that range from Bay of Biscay to Cap Horn or Newfoundland. In the second part, the 795 specimens of the collections have been studied, photographically illustrated and briefly described and discussed. Systematic descriptions of 39 species included in 32 genera are provided. The value of this collection is enhanced in a third part by an updated geographic and depth distribution of extant brachiopods along the French coasts.

This new synthesis constitutes an invaluable reference document for future studies of fossil and recent brachiopod populations.



par Patrick R. Racheboeuf





La collection de brachiopodes actuels du Musée des Sciences, Laval - Collections de Œhlert, de Monterosato et de Cailliaud

par Jérôme Tréguier





Recent Brachiopods in the Œhlert Collection

by Fernando Álvarez





Specimens in the Collections of Marquis de Monterosato   and Frédéric Cailliaud housed in the Musée des Sciences, Laval

by Fernando Álvarez





Échantillons complémentaires (brachiopodes) découverts récemment dans les collections Œhlert et Cailliaud du Musée des Sciences de Laval

par Jérôme Tréguier & Fernando Álvarez





Les Brachiopodes des côtes françaises métropolitaines

par Christian C. Emig





Bibliographie / Bibliography



Figures Hors-Texte / Figure Plates



Planches / Plates



Appendice 1

par Jérôme Tréguier & Fernando Álvarez


Appendice 2

par Fernando Álvarez



More about Daniel Œhlert (1849-1920) - see:

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