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IIRC, I heard stories as a graduate student about his use of dynamite to recover fossils. I have never known it was a paleo-urban legend or not, but type localities of Paleozoic periods in the U.K. were frequently mentioned.

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I am currently writing a book about paleontology and paleontologists. In the chapter on field work, I wrote the following (updated this morning): of the most dedicated field-oriented invertebrate paleontologists, the late Arthur Boucot.  Art was a large guy known for collecting pretty much everything available at an outcrop; his propensity to do has given rise to the phrase "to Boucotize" an outcrop (Talent 1996). I have also heard that having one-hundred pounds of rocks on your back is "a Boucot."  Art's love and encouragement for field work is memorialized by his funding of the Paleontological Society Arthur James Boucot Research Grants, which encourages field-work based research by young scientists.
To add: Art was an ardent proponent of field work and a strong skeptic of many aspects of the "paleobiological revolution." He published a number of exhaustively researched and influential books on paleoecology and the fossil record and on Silurian and Devonian stratigraphy.  He developed the concept of the Evolutionary-Ecological Unit (EEU).  He was also a former President of the Paleontological Society.  We have lost one of the most colorful and important members of our field.

Talent, J. A. 1996. Arthur J. ('art') Boucot: Palaeontologic virtuoso and guru. Historical Biology 11( ):3-7.

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