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Thu Aug 17 21:56:51 GMT 2017

Anthony, I had good luck with these folks:






On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 12:28 PM, Anthony Butcher <anthony.butcher at> wrote:

Dear all,


Can anyone recommend a supplier of microfossil slides? Preferably UK/Europe (due to shipping/taxes).


UKGE have the ones we want (for student projects, research, etc), but are charging £3 each (which seems rather steep, but maybe this is the going rate?).


We're looking for type 'C', 'E', and 'F' at


I have contacted Biotec Microslides also (who advertise in J. Micropal.), and am waiting for prices.


Any other lower-cost alternatives that you can recommend would be very much appreciated.  Or should we expect to be paying this sort of money?


Many thanks in advance,

Tony Butcher

(Uni. Portsmouth, UK)

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