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Dear colleagues,

With one week left to submit abstracts, this is a reminder about technical
session ‘T64 Citizen Science in paleontology: harnessing public interest to
advance research and STEM education’ at GSA 2017.  The annual meeting will
take place in Seattle, Washington, 22-25 October 2017.

Successes and lessons learned in paleontology citizen science will be the
backbone of this session. We will include academic paleontologists,
educators, and non-academic speakers to: (1) present examples of strong
citizen science projects; (2) discuss effective strategies for improving
informal science education through citizen science; and (3) showcase the
potential of citizen science to educate the public in paleontological
research themes relating to evolution, climate change, and biodiversity.

Through a combination of case studies, theory presentations, and
question-and-answer sessions, we hope to encourage more paleontologists of
all levels to understand citizen science as a viable means for addressing
research questions, and to provide a rewarding science experience for
members of the public.

If you are involved in a project that fits the scope of this session, we
hope that you will consider submitting an abstract. We want to present a
diverse range of possibilities, so projects relating to any taxa, from
speakers of any professional background, are encouraged.

Abstract submissions are due August 1st at http://community.geosociety.
org/gsa2017/science-careers/sessions/abstracts.  Please email us if you
have any questions.  And please email fossil at with questions
about travel assistance funding.


Laura Soul (Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, SoulL at

Eleanor Gardner (FOSSIL Project, Florida Museum of Natural History,
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Terry Gates (NC State University and NC Museum of Natural Sciences,
terryagates at
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