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This is an update and a reminder about the Advances in origin of life research session at AGU. Confirmed speakers for the session are Dr. H. James Cleaves and Joshua Goldford. We look forward to your abstract submission by August 2nd and seeing you in New Orleans.


Kevin Webster

Patrick Griffin

Session B002: Advances in origin of life research

Session ID#: 25705

Session Description

The origin of life on earth is one of sciences great unanswered questions. This session will address the conditions and pathways under which organic molecules begin to exhibit autocatalysis and the processes by which the information behind these chemical reactions can be stored. Novel insights from laboratory experiments, geological observations, and thermodynamic considerations are helping better understand how life originated on earth and may originate in the universe. Example areas of interest include: 1) Fossil evidence for the origin of life on earth, 2) Laboratory research, 3) Catalytic substrates, 4) Thermodynamics of ancient environments and chemical reactions, 5) The origin of a genetic code, and 6) Analysis of prebiotic chemical pathways.

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