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Dear Colleagues,

Do you study ecosystem response to climate change? Does your work integrate
paleo & modern studies? We would like to invite you to submit an abstract
to Ocean Sciences 2018 Session 28270: Utilizing Ecological and
Oceanographic Records to Understand Ecological Responses to Modern Climate

Session Description:
It is important to evaluate past instances of global ocean change and
ecosystem responses to these events in order to improve understanding of
modern ecological processes and predict results of modern climate change.
Paleoecological and paleooceanographic data are key tools for evaluating
ecosystem processes on multiple timescales (e.g. regime change,
biodiversity, natural variability, recovery). This session will focus on
using these types of data as tools to characterize future environmental and
ecological change, quantify deviations from cycles of natural variability,
and inform modern conservation practices. This may include research from a
wide range of ecological (organisms to ecosystems) and temporal (sub-annual
to millennial) scales. We welcome investigations of past episodes of change
as an analog for modern systems, in addition to studies that integrate
modern and historic data to extend the record of modern climate change. We
invite the use of novel or unconventional methods that use environmental
and ecological data to evaluate future climate, assess impacts on marine
biota, and provide insights into best conservation practices for navigating
an uncertain future.
Conveners:Roxanne Banker, UC Davis, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Davis,
CA, United States
Hannah Palmer, UC Davis, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Davis, CA, United
Submission Deadline: September 6

Hannah Palmer

hmpalmer at

University of California, Davis
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