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I have been asked to forward the following announcement to the PaleoNet community on behalf of Bill Ausich (Ohio State). Please see his message below.



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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In retirement, I volunteer as the Director of the Orton Geological Museum in the School of Earth Sciences at Ohio State University. The Museum is free and serves a major function in STEM outreach to students from throughout the State of Ohio, with more than 20,000 visitors each year.

The Museum is embarking on an ambitious crowdfunding project in March to raise funds to purchase and build a dinosaur in the lobby of Orton Hall – the Museum building. We will erect a skeleton of the carnivorous dinosaur Cryolophosaurus that was found in Antarctica by David Elliot, now an emeritus faculty member of the School of Earth Sciences.

March is Cryolophosaurus Month!

I apologize up front for being one more person with his hand out for a donation. However, you may be interested in sharing in the excitement of this project. We need to raise $80,000, and any donation amount is welcome and will help us meet our goal. As you know, every 3rd grader is a paleontologist, many of whom grow up to become scientists. This project will greatly enhance our ability to bring youngsters to campus and teach them about science.

To contribute to this project online, visit

Also, please pass the word along to others who may be interested. If everyone contributes a little, we can reach our goal and increase our STEM outreach program.
To learn more about the Orton Geological Museum visit ortongeologicalmuseum at and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a trip to Columbus.

Thank you very much.


p.s. If more convenient, you could send a check payable to The Ohio State University, please add "Buckeye Funder - A Dinosaur for Orton" in the memo field and mail to Dale Gnidovec, School of Earth Sciences, 125 South Oval Mall, Columbus, OH  43210.

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