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Dear Colleagues,

The Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) is pleased to announce the
publication of Bulletins of American Paleontology no. 391, “A Silicified
Late Triassic (Norian) Bivalve Molluscan Fauna from the Alexander Terrane,
Southeastern Alaska” by Dr. Christopher A. McRoberts (SUNY-Cortland).

This study characterizes the diversity of 31 bivalve taxa from an
assemblage of over 1000 very well-preserved silicified specimens from the
upper Norian Hound Island Volcanics of Kuiu Island, Alaska. Eleven (11)
species are newly described, one new family (the Erugoniidae n. fam.) is
proposed, and two families (Palaeopharidae and Palaeocarditidae) and one
genus (*Septocardia*) are revised. This assemblage is demonstrated to be
dominated by endemic species, though several taxa show connections to other
Norian faunas.

This work is 110 pages in length and features 43 text figures. The price
for this issue is $40 + shipping and handling, and sales tax.  ISBN

Copies may be ordered through the PRI publications store:



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