Paleonet: Fifth International Symposium of Biological Shape Analysis, University of Tokyo, Japan

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Notice of an upcoming meeting of interest to palaeontologists.


Fifth International Symposium of Biological Shape Analysis, University of Tokyo, Japan

June 23 – 26, 2017

Hiroshi Iwata, Seishi Ninomiya, Haruki Tatsuta, Wei Guo, Koji Noshita, Peter E. Lestrel, Won Moon and Jitendra Paliwal

The human visual system is especially sensitive to movement and particularly to the shape or outline of forms. The boundary constitutes an important element of biological form in terms of image analysis, pattern recognition and classification. However, the need to translate this visual information into the precise language of mathematics continues to offer challenges. Techniques dealing with biological shape analysis have now been increasingly applied in various disciplines such as anatomy, anthropology, agricultural genetics, botany, dentistry, entomology, forensics, human evolution, medicine, paleontology, etc. This symposium will focus on methods and applications dealing with the numerical description of forms typically encountered in the biological sciences. The approach of this symposium is intended to be interdisciplinary and bring together international researchers who share common interests in shape analysis, whether from genetic, environmental, growth or evolutionary perspectives.

Some Session Topics
1. Quantitative methods describing the boundary such a Fourier descriptors
2. The application of wavelets and related methods to localize shape differences
3. Application of computer graphic technologies to describe biological shape data
4. Crossectional and longitudinal studies of growth tracing changes in shape over time
5. Genetic and environmental factors influencing the formation of aspects of shape
6. The role evolutionary processes play in genotypic and phenotypic changes

Abstract Deadline: 1 May 2017

Proceedings to be published by World Scientific Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

To request registration materials, contact Peter E. Lestrel <plestrel at>.


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