Paleonet: possible Silurian trace fossils

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Jim, they look similar to a type of Thalassinoides burrow system referred to as Quebecichnus. I have seen similar things, minus the strong, apparent oxidized pyrite rim.


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Subject: Paleonet: possible Silurian trace fossils

Attached are some pictures from the Mississinewa Shale (Silurian) near Wabash, Indiana, USA. I would guess these to be fossils, either traces or perhaps some kind of macrophyte algae.

(I know a bit about trace fossils, but mainly those made by big land animals with backbones and nasty teeth.)

Can anybody give me a better suggestion of what these might be?

Jim Farlow

Emeritus Professor of Geology

Department of Biology

Purdue University Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, Indiana USA
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