Paleonet: GSA 2018 Topical Session T130: Phylogenetic Paleobiology

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Tue May 22 15:38:13 GMT 2018

Dear Colleagues,

My co-chairs and I invite you to submit an abstract to our topical session entitled “Phylogenetic Paleobiology: Exploring Macroevolutionary Trends with Evolutionary Trees (T130)” to be held at the 2018 Annual Geological Society of America conference in Indianapolis, IN (Nov. 4-7).

This session will highlight recent advances integrating phylogenetic comparative methods with fossil data to address evolutionary and ecological questions through deep time. Topics include macroevolutionary trends, rates of change, diversification dynamics, trait evolution, and paleobiogeography. Keynote presentations will be given by Rachel Warnock (ETH Zürich) and Graham J. Slater (University of Chicago).

The website for abstract submission is currently open, and the deadline to submit is August 14. For abstract submission and more information about the conference, visit:

Feel free to contact us with any questions and to forward this announcement to others who may be interested.


Selina R. Cole (American Museum of Natural History)

David F. Wright (NMNH, Smithsonian Institution)

Laura C. Soul (NMNH, Smithsonian Institution)

William Gearty (Stanford University)


Selina R. Cole
MAT Postdoctoral Fellow in Paleobiology
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th St.
New York, NY 10024

Email: scole at
Phone: +1 212-769-5726
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