Paleonet: International Fossil Day (IFD), October 13-14.

Jere LIPPS jlipps at
Tue Sep 4 17:04:02 GMT 2018

IFD will again be celebrated in many countries around the world in order to
engage the general public in paleontology through open houses, lectures,
field trips. special exhibits, art programs,  etc, in museums, colleges,
universities  and  businesses.  In the past two years, IFD has grown to
include many countries, including Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico,
France, Germany, Iran, and the US among others.

Join in the celebration of fossils with your own International Fossil Day.
Although IFD and the US's National Fossil Day are held in the second week
of October each year, use an alternative date if this time does not work
for your organization.

Have a great and fun Fossil Day wherever you are,


Jere H. Lipps
jlipps at
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