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Joseph Botting acutipuerilis at
Sat Sep 22 10:33:19 GMT 2018

Dear All,     As some of you know, I live in the middle of nowhere for most of the year, and have my own 'lab' space for research and doing adult education in geology and natural history. I have a moderately nice stereomicroscope, but have been hankering after a decent petrological one for years; especially now that USB camera attachments are commonplace, since that would be really handy for teaching.    My problem is budget; I don't have research grants, and income isn't exactly high, so can anyone recommend a decent (but not research standard) analyzing compound microscope for up to a few hundred dollars/pounds, ideally with a USB camera (not essential)? I've seen some from Microscopes India at much less than normal prices, but am not sure whether this is a good thing... any advice on these?   Of course, if anyone has an old one that their department is chucking out... ;o)   Many thanks, Joe

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