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Dear Colleagues,

Do you work on issues relating to Paleozoic Extinctions? If so, we
encourage you to submit an abstract to the NAPC session "Paleozoic
Extinctions: Environmental Call and Biotic Response" organized by Diana
Boyer and Phoebe Cohen. NAPC abstract submission closes March 1st, more
info and registration info is at

During the Paleozoic, life changed dramatically through ecosystem
expansion, increased biodiversity, and evolutionary adaptations. At the
same time, the earth system moved towards a more oxygenated state, and
experienced significant changes in climate. Overprinted on this time were
numerous biocrises, including some of the largest extinction intervals in
the Phanerozoic. These events, which range in magnitude and ecological
impact, provide the opportunity to examine potential causes and
consequences of mass extinctions. This symposium will explore the
environmental conditions associated with these extinction events across a
range of scales as well as the biotic response to these intervals utilizing
a variety of methodologies including combined fossil and geochemical

Hope to see you in Riverside in June!

Phoebe Cohen
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