Paleonet: Please consider submitting an abstract to NAPC session #30 New insights into physiology and functional morphology

Carlie Pietsch carlie.pietsch at
Fri Feb 22 22:16:25 GMT 2019

Dear Paleo Colleagues

We would like to invite your abstract submissions to NAPC session #30: New
insights into physiology and functional morphology: Microstructure,
Modeling, and Experimental approaches

Organized by Brendan Anderson, Nicholas Hebdon, Carlie Pietsch, and Kathleen

Many of the most interesting questions of paleobiology involve features of
organisms which either have no modern analog or where potential functions
are ambiguous. As function and behavior cannot be observed directly in
extinct organisms (and may be difficult to observe in living organisms as
well), both vertebrate and invertebrate paleobiologists employ a wide
variety of techniques to determine the functional limits imposed on animals
by their morphology and physiology. Emerging technologies allow
observations of fossils and their reconstructed components in unprecedented
detail and flexibility. These insights into the basic biology of
organisms inform our understanding of soft-tissue dynamics, paleoecology,
behavior, and macroevolutionary trends. This session welcomes presentations
ranging from skeletal microstructure to macro-scale analyses of organisms
important in the fossil record.

You can find the abstract submission portal here:

Registration is open and prices increase on March 2nd. You can find more
information here:

Student support is also availabe. Details on applying here:

Warm regards from the session organizers,

Carlie Pietsch, Brendan Anderson, Kathleen Ritterbush and Nicholas Hebdon
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