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We would like to draw your attention to the following session at the 2020
Goldschmidt Conference on Hawai’i:

*10g: Geochemical Records of Holocene and Anthropocene Climate Change*

*Conveners**: Ludvig Löwemark, Kweku Yamoah*

*Keynote*: *Ashish Sinha* (California State University Dominguez Hills)

Climatic changes influence the lives of billions of people. Our
understanding of how climate has changed over the course of the Holocene
and Anthropocene epochs is largely based on reconstructions using
geochemical proxies from natural archives. For example, climate phenomena
such as the Indian and Asian monsoon rains, El Niño, or the frequency and
intensity of tropical storms, have been reconstructed using geochemical
proxies recorded in e.g. speleothems, tree rings, ice cores, peat bogs,
corals, and marine or lacustrine sediment. However, different proxies often
produce contrasting paleoclimatic scenarios, suggesting that the underlying
physical and geochemical processes governing the incorporation of isotope
ratios and geochemical signals into the records are not yet fully
understood. In this session we invite both case studies and fundamental
studies aimed at ground-truthing many of the environmental proxies used
when reconstructing climatic parameters such as e.g. rain fall,
temperature, prevailing wind directions, upwelling and productivity, etc.
In particular, we welcome studies that apply a mosaic of different proxies
to better assess the different aspects of the long- and short term
variability in the climate system. We particularly encourage studies from
the Asia-Oceania region.

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