Paleonet: Paleontology and sensations

Jesús Alvarado Ortega brujayneron at
Mon Apr 16 18:40:57 UTC 2007

Dear Dr. Campbell

  Yes... I have the same impression about the paleontological information 
published on Sciences and Nature. In fact I´m involved in the study of an 
extraordinary fpssil assemblage from México (The Tlayua Quarry) were the 
fishes show the same kind of preservatoion as in the Santana fossils from 
Brazil... For the first time in North America we have Cretaceous fossil 
fishes with soft tissues phosphatized... and in some of them the bloody 
system is preserved as lines of red color along the ventral border of the 
vertebral colum taht in some cases in  extended into the anterior part of 
the abdominal cavity.......probably here we can get some proteins, older 
than those found in T. rex bones....


Dr. Jesús Alvarado Ortega

Depto. de Paleontología
Instituto de Geología
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

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