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Fri Apr 27 12:58:15 GMT 2007

Dear All,

this is an informal announcement of an upcoming 
position at the University of Bonn, Germany. 
Within the next few weeks we hope to advertise a 
temporary curatorship at the Institute of 
Paleontology, University of Bonn. The position 
will run for three years and currently is 
non-tenure track. We are looking for an 
individual interested in running our small 
Goldfuß-Museum (300 square meters exhibit space) 
and curating our extensive collection of 
primarily invertebrate fossils.  The curator also 
has a teaching load of 5 hours per week during 
the semester and is expected to help the chairman 
with the administration of the institute. 
Requirements are a Ph.D. in paleontology or a 
related discipline.Further details will be 
contained in the formal ad.

I am sending this message around at this time so 
that people have an advance warning and can get 
their application materials ready because we are 
on a tight schedule and there will only be a few 
weeks between advertisement and closing date.

Please contact me with further questions.

Best wishes,

Martin Sander

Dr. Martin Sander
Curator of Paleontology and Adjunct Professor
Speaker of the DFG Research Unit 533
Institute of Paleontology
University of Bonn
D-53115 Bonn, Nussallee 8
Tel.: ++49 228/73-31 05
Fax: ++49 228/73-35 09
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