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James Farlow farlow at
Fri Mar 2 13:42:40 GMT 2007

If anybody on this list is familiar with

D.J. Beerling and F.I. Woodward, 2001.  Vegetation and the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle: Modelling the First 400 Million Years.  Cambridge University Press

Maybe you can answer a question for me.  Beerling and Woodward publish maps (e.g. Fig. 6.14b for the Late Jurassic) of "retrodicted" terrestrial productivity for several time intervals, with the amount of productivity color-coded according to its rate.  Abbreviated units for paleoproductivity are given with the figures, but I haven't found a place in the text where what the units mean is explicitly stated.  As best I can tell the units are tonnes of organic carbon fixed per hectare per year.

If anybody can confirm or squash that interpretation for me, I'd appreciate it.

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