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Dear Carl,


What about Trigoniid bivalves (e.g. Neotrigonia)? In the dim, dark recesses
of my memory, I recall they were known from the northern hemisphere before
they were found in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.


You should perhaps see the following:


1.	Mammals and Cryptozoology by George Gaylord Simpson: Proceedings of
the American Philosophical Society, Vol. 128, No. 1 (Mar. 30, 1984), pp.
1-19, which discusses in part the discovery of extant species or genera
previously known only from fossils as well as the unlikelihood of yetis, loch
ness monsters etc, and
2.	Niles Eldredge and Steven M. Stanley (Editors): Living Fossils. -
With 72 ill., 291 pp. = Casebooks in Earth Sciences (ed. R. N. Ginsburg) -
New York/Berlin: Springer - Verlag 1984. ISBN 0-387 (New York) 3-540 (Berlin)
- 90957-5 which covers much the same sort of territory without the fairy






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