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  Remipede crustaceans fall into this catagory, (living discovered in 1981, 
fossil [Tesnusocaris goldichi] in 1955).  The explicit phylogenetic link 
between the two was not made immediately (though it was, however, suggested 
at the time of discovery).

Brooks, H. K. 1955. A crustacean from the Tesnus Formation (Pennsylvanian) 
of Texas. Journal of Paleontology 29, no. 5: 852-856.
Yager, J. 1981. Remipedia, a new class of crustacea from a marine cave in 
the Bahamas. Journal of Crustacean Biology 1, no. 3: 328-333.
Schram, F. R. 1983. Remipedia and crustacean phylogeny. In Crustacean 
Phylogeny(1), ed. F. R. Schram, 23-28. Rotterdam: A. A. Balkema.

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