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Wed Mar 7 21:53:12 GMT 2007

Daer Prof. *John Alroy*:

Hi. Mi name is Federico Javier Degrange and I´m a young paleontologist of
Argentina. I got my graduate diploma last year in October. Under the
supervision of my PhD. Director, Dra. Claudia Patricia Tambussi, I´m working
with Phorusrhacid birds in morfometric, biomechanical and muscles
reconstruction aspects along with the trophic role that this birds played in
the south american ecological chains.
I´m very interested in this course (PALEOBIOLOGY DATABASE INTENSIVE SUMMER
COURSE IN ANALYTICAL PALEOBIOLOGY) that you and your staff will give in
june-july of 2007. But, If you don´t mind, I have a few questions ... My
home institution (Museo de La Plata) can´t give any kind of travel fund. So,
you image that my question is related to that money in particular, What can
I do? Plus, " Students are urged to apply for travel funds from their home
institutions. If such funds are not available, travel expenses may be
reimbursed in part or whole." What does it mean this last sentence? That I
will have to pay with works or something like that?

I show again my entusiasm for this course. I really hope that I can go and
do it. I know that it will be very helpfull to my career and my professional

I´ll be waiting for your answer.
Best Wishes!

Federico Javier Degrange
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