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Anyone have any suggestions? - Roy

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> Subject: Growth Fault Dating Project
> Roy
> I've recently been involved in a Texas project that includes an  
> effort to determine how much, if any, displacement has occurred  
> along a series of growth faults along the Gulf coast.  Our client  
> wants to know how much displacement has occurred over the last  
> couple of hundred years.  We have located the trace of the faults  
> on the surface and trenched across the trace to identify  
> displacement.  We have collected samples of the upper couple of  
> meters of soil and are having them run for Cesium137 and Lead 210  
> to see if we can date any of the soil.  It is unclear at this point  
> how successful that will be.
> In the trench walls we encountered two clay layers that contain  
> what appear to be snail shells.  The shells from the upper layer  
> are very well preserved and remain pretty solid and easy to remove  
> from the clay.  The lower shells are much more fragile and appear  
> to be more weathered.  I was wondering if you know of anyone we  
> might have take a look at a few of these shells to see what we can  
> find out from them.
> Also, the area of Texas where we are working was originally  
> grassland but the grass was replaced by mesquite after cattle  
> grazing started in the 1800's.  Do you know of anyone who might be  
> able to look at a few samples to see if changes in pollen (or other  
> things) content in the sediment might help us date the layers.
> I don't know if you know anyone who works along the Gulf coast or  
> not, but figured I might as well ask.  We have budget to spend on  
> getting the work done if we can find someone who might be able to  
> help.
> I hope all is well  with you.  Have a nice break and great holidays.
> Take care.
> Mark
> Mark Hutson
> Geo-Hydro, Inc.
> 303-948-1417
> mhutson at

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