Paleonet: PaleoNet Jobs Page Update

Norman MacLeod N.MacLeod at
Tue Mar 11 07:46:22 GMT 2008

I've just updated the PaleoNet Jobs Page. You can access that through the
main PaleoNet web page ( or
directly at: The
good news is that I don't recall ever having listed so many palaeo. posts on
offer. To be fair, a number of these are summer internships. But there are
also a large number of professional positions at all levels. And I know of
several additional searches that will be announced shortly (and listed on
PaleoNet in due course). Can't be a bad sign.

If you know of a palaeo. post search that is taking place and not listed on
PaleoNet please let me know about it.

With kind regards.

Norm MacLeod


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