Paleonet: Western Interior Seaway Technical Session

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Thu Mar 27 17:32:47 UTC 2008

Celebrating the International Year of Planet Earth
5-9 October • Houston, Texas
The 2008 Joint Meeting of The Geological Society of
America, American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science
Society of America, Soil Science Society of America,
Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies with
the Gulf Coast Section of SEPM. Hosted by the Houston
Geological Society 

 The Western Interior Seaway

Dee Ann Cooper, deeanncooper at
Roger W. Cooper, rwcooper at

Sponsors: Paleontological Society; GSA Sedimentary
Geology Division; Gulf Coast Association of Geological

Description: This will be a multidisciplinary session
devoted to all studies and aspects of the Western
Interior Seaway and its global correlatives.  Research
on the Western Interior Seaway has become increasingly
more diverse and detailed over the past decade. New
areas and regions have been studied and interpreted
and some of the more classic areas have been
re-investigated utilizing new interpretations.
Advanced research techniques in stratigraphy,
sedimentology, geochemistry, paleontology,
micropaleontology, structural geology, tectonics,
paleoclimatology, paleobiology, etc. continuously
reinforce, update, modify and enhance the paradigm.
This session will provide an opportunity for many
individuals, researchers, industry geologists, and
graduate students to present their most recent work.

Tentative List of Speakers: Peter Harries, Department
of Geology, University of South Florida, Peter Ward,
Department of Biology, University of Washington -
Seattle, John W. Hoganson, Ph. D., State
Paleontologist, North Dakota Geological Survey

Session Type: Poster

Session Number: T37 for abstract
submission instructions.  Deadline for GSA Topical
Session Abstracts: 3 June

Scientific Categories: Paleontology,
Biogeography/Biostratigraphy, Stratigraphy,

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