Paleonet: Journal Runs Available

Paula M Mikkelsen pmm37 at
Thu May 8 16:23:05 UTC 2008

Dear Colleagues -
Paleontological Research Institution has recently trimmed its Library
holdings and has deaccessioned a number of valuable journal runs. We would
like to make these available to anyone or any institution willing to pay the
shipping costs. The list is as follows:

Pacific Science, v. 1-44
American Journal of Science, v. 1-255, with a few issues missing
Atoll Research Bulletin, v. 1-338, 379-389, 450-458, 466-493, 495-540
Natural History Research 1990-2004

If interested, please contact Andrea Kreuzer, at amk275 at or
607-273-6623, ext. 10.
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