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Dear list members,

As part of our interdisciplinary DFG-funded 
research project on sauropod dinosaurs (Research 
Unit 533 "Biology of the sauropod dinosaurs: the 
evolution of gigantism"), we have obtained 
funding to convene an international workshop at 
the University of Bonn, Germany, in November of 
2008. The aim of the workshop is to attempt a 
first synthesis on the question of how sauropod 
dinosaurs where able to evolve and maintain their 
uniquely giant body size. Participants will be 
the 37 members of the Research Unit (principal 
invesitgators and graduate students of the 12 
individual projects), approximately 15 invited 
guests, and 5-10 graduate students who have won 
travel support from us. We will also keep the 
workshop open to collegues who are able to find 
their own funding.

We plan to start the event with an evening 
reception on November 13 and then have three days 
of presentations and discussion at the University 
of Bonn (on November 14 -16).

The workshop will be followed by an optional 
field trip beginning on Monday, November 17. We 
plan to visit the locality of the German dwarf 
sauropod Europasaurus in northern Germany, the 
collection in Münchehagen near Hannover where all 
finds are kept, and the Berlin Natural History 
Museum to view and discuss the newly mounted 
Tendaguru sauropods. The trip will end in Berlin 
on Wednesday, November 19, offering the 
participants from abroad the opportunity to visit 
this fascinating city afterwards and fly home out 
of Berlin.

We are currently seeking additional funding for 
the field trip in order to cover these expenses 
for the invited participants of the workshop. 
There is a chance, however, that we may have to 
charge a modest fee for the field trip.

This message is a call for applications for 
graduate student support to attend the workshop. 
The financial support is intended to help reduce 
your travel expenses and to cover your room and 
board while at the workshop (but not the field 
trip, see above).  We will reimburse 
transportation expenses of up to 200 Euro for 
students from Europe, up to 600 Euro for students 
from North America, and up to 1000 Euro for all 
others (South America, Australia, Asia etc.).

To apply, please send a one-page letter 
explaining why you would like to participate in 
the workshop and what you would be able to 
contribute, a one-page CV, your publication list 
and PDFs of your relevant publications to: 
kheitpla at, subject: workshop student 

Please indicate whether you are interested in participating in the field trip.

Review of applications will begin June 1st, and 
we will notify you before the end of June.

To find out more about the Research Unit, please 
refer to

We look foward to receiving your application.

Martin Sander

Prof. Dr. Martin Sander
Sprecher der DFG-Forschergruppe 533
Steinmann-Institut für Geologie, Mineralogie und Paläontologie
Universität Bonn
Nussallee 8
53115 Bonn
Tel.: +49 228/73-31 05 oder ++49 228/73-63 59
Fax: +49 228/73-35 09
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